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The organizations listed below provide resources and valuable information to support Community Benefit reporting and guidance on Community Health Needs Assessments and implementation plans to drive meaningful outcomes.   

Agape Community Benefit Consulting is not employed by any of the organizations listed.  

The AHA Community Health Improvement network, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association, is the premier national association for community health, community benefit and population health professionals. They provide educational resources and tools, professional development and networking opportunities to help health leaders expand their knowledge and enhance their performance in achieving community health goals.

Community benefits are programs and services designed to improve health in communities and increase access to health care. They are integral to the mission of Catholic and other not-for-profit health care organizations, and are the basis of tax exemption. For nearly 20 years, CHA has been a leader in the community benefit field, helping not‑for-profit health care organizations fulfill their community benefit mission.

Community Benefit Connect provides a one-stop resource for community benefit with curated information, people, practices and research. Our focus is on those efforts that promote community wellness and prevention, and deepening of community benefit practice.

CBISA™ (Community Benefit Inventory for Social Accountability) features a blend of both statistical and narrative information. This allows you to not just crunch numbers, but to also describe your group’s real and intangible contributions in the form of stories and anecdotes. CBISA also collects and stores information used throughout your reporting year including community needs, partnerships, and goals.

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