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Agape Community Benefit Consulting (ACBC) works with not-for-profit hospitals to enhance Community Benefit impact by improving accuracy and efficiency in reporting Community Benefit spend in compliance with IRS regulations.  ACBC exists to help clients better understand Community Benefit and feel confident about the dollars they are reporting.   


Services provided will be determined based on an initial consultation. 

Reporting Audit

  • Recommended as a first step to assess the immediate reporting needs and to ensure IRS compliance. 

  • Review of recent IRS form 990 submissions

  • Analysis of Community Benefit reporting procedures

  • Review staff and organizational infrastructure that supports Community Benefit work.

  • A report of the findings will be provided. 

Infrastructure Support

  • Develop Community Benefit goals for the organization and provide tools for tracking progress towards achieving those goals.

  • Develop hospital policies and procedures to support timely Community Benefit reporting in line with IRS regulations.  

  • Define staff roles and responsibilities as it relates to Community Benefit reporting and provide support in establishing an engaged network of staff in the Community Benefit reporting process for the organization. 

  • Establish and guide Community Benefit sub-committees within the organization who will work on focused efforts to increase/improve Community Benefit reporting.  

Reporting Support

  • Provide guidance on efficient, accurate, and standardized reporting to ensure compliance with IRS regulations.

  • Provide tracking methodology and resources to capture Community Benefit dollars that may be complex or difficult to track. 

  • Compile and analyze reports for accuracy and to determine if reporting is on-track to meet year end goals in compliance with IRS requirements. 

  • Provide support and guidance on the use of Community Benefit tracking software, including data entry.

  • Provide guidance on identifying Community Benefit reporting opportunities.

Training and Communications

  • Develop an internal communications plan to ensure reporting deadlines are well communicated, Community Benefit related updates are shared, and Community Benefit related information is shared with staff to ensure consistent staff engagement and compliance. 

  • Provide training on how to report and account for Community Benefit eligible activities in line with IRS guidelines.  Training includes reporting in Community Benefit tracking software as applicable.  Educational resources and handouts will be created and provided as needed.

  • Serve as a point of contact for Community Benefit related questions. 

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

  • On a limited basis, provide guidance and support in conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment, developing implementation plans, and assisting with program development, implementation and analysis.  

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